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Ben began documenting celebrations with still photography and audio tape in the 1970's. His early "still films" were shown in his Michigan home-town movie theater. One series was published in Life Magazine during the 90’s.

The advents of digital photography and video technology offered Ben much better ways to serve clients and tell their love stories.

Ben enjoys the process of getting to know your family. To capture your character is his goal. What is the "backstory" which brought you to this special day? Ben strives to record more than just the event.

He will capture all the significant moments of your ceremony and/or reception. He will then edit the sights and sounds of your big day onto a little disk.
from a client:

“Everyone we show our 5 minute wedding video to, LOVE it. You did a wonderful job, Ben, capturing our love, joy and Fun! I appreciate your God given talent. You are a true Artist. You made me fly like Superman!” – Bob Mills