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Resume of Ben Swets

__ Santa Monica, CA

Videographer, Photographer, Editor,
10 October 2006

documentaries paid for by Santa Monica CityTV in the 1990's

The Best Of Everything --92 year old chiropractor - 1985
Spirit Of The Urban Forest -- TreePeople's million tree campaign - 1984
Living With Hope -- personal growth of cancer patients The Wellness Community - 1990
Tinka's Planet -- children teach grown-ups to recycle - 1991
Hardware Humanitarian -- grief & rejuvenation at Busy Bee Hardware - 1992
Peace Wheels -- bicycles as used by police - 1993
Peter's Pictures -- the self actualization of a glamour photographer's wife - 1994
A Sense Of Wonder -- attitudes we give our children - 1995
Spiller's Spanners -- 85 year old bicycle mechanic - 1996

independently produced

Kitchen Scraps -- a featurette on the making of In The Soup - 2007 details
The 90's
-- four 4 minute documentaries broadcast nationally PBS The90's-
Exodusters -- communities of ex-slaves post emancipation -
2006 Votaw

"Invaluable"... "Prestigious"... "Serving" read what Ben's clients say.
still photography project for LIFE Magazine -- a series of stills of one boy over 15 years, wearing the exact same pants and shirt.

stills published in 30 corporate newsletters eg. Pacific Bell, Southern California Gas Co; ARCO - complete list of publications

Film Industry Network
American Cinematheque
West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Church in Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA;

BA in Film from California State University, San Francisco, 1981