Squeeze Box reservations 310-570-1404
contact ph numb and numb of tickets desired should be stated on voice mail

$15 per ticket   reservations 310-570-1404 Sunday 30 April 2006 at 7:pm
1211 Fourth Street in Santa Monica
Parking at City Ramp across street

meter parking also available on street

Squeeze Box Squeeze Box is about the way we treat the disenfranchised in the 21st century. Ann Randolph evokes the motives & souls of a dozen characters in her one-woman show, leading us from lonliness to connection and salvation. Like Lilly Tomlin putting on armor to wage peace, Ann Randolph speaks with the concern of Jonathan Kozol and the wit of Will Rogers. She fights for principles in an unprincipled situation.
Ann Randolph restores one's faith in humanity
Ann Randolph brings us humor in the midst of despair.
topical yet spiritualSqueeze Box gives us a serious subject in an expansive way. Nurse Ratchitt vs. Dear Miss Means-Well sobering but silly
Squeeze Box is about witnessing sorrow and finding a purpose with homeless addicts not quite functional enough for a twelve step program, yet nevertheless loveable. Squeeze Box was performed by Ann Randolph in New York Off-Broadway under the Auspices of Mel Brooks in 2004.
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