Sense of Purpose DVD proposal
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Project description: Do you have a life purpose which underlies your goals? Do you want to create, inspire, teach, or prosper? This one-hour documentary, Sense of Purpose, will speak to the purpose in all of us. Through Ann Randolph’s interviews with social workers, teachers, artists, parents, and business people, this DVD will honor what matters.

Video producer/host Ann Randolph is a comic whose Off-Broadway solo play, Squeezebox, was produced by Mel Brooks and the late Anne Bancroft and is soon to be produced as a feature film. The play is about Ann Randolph’s former fifteen year long career as a social worker caring for mentally challenged women and men.

  • Such warmth and frankness are in short supply in the theater, so go and bask while you can – New York Sun

  • Randolph restores one’s faith in humanity. – London Guardian

  • Revolutionary... Whitmanesque... A gem of a show. - Entertainment Weekly

  • Through her piercingly honest story, Randolph depicts the difficult inner conflict experienced by someone who's helped countless others. – Matthew Murray, Off Broadway

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Video producer Ben Swets has made a dozen documentaries. Ben’s topics have been the environment, health and social issues. See more at

Expected distribution: Sense of Purpose will be distributed through the frequent live appearances of Ann Randolph’s show, Squeezebox. Ann has scheduled a long tour of appearances in several cities around the US. Customers will be able to buy copies of this DVD in lobbies of theaters and venues where Ann will perform as well as in the writing and acting classes where Ann will teach.

This distribution method alone will recoup our Sense of Purpose production budget. Her website will also sell this DVD. Future sales of this project will come through submission to cable TV stations and catalogs.

There is a new documentary field in the 21st century called the “training industry.” Numerous inspirational and motivational speakers have developed careers appearing before corporate gatherings as well as in rural retreat centers, convention centers, religious institutions, business schools, medical schools and theaters – all venues where Ann Randolph performs. Such professional speakers and trainers market books, CD’s and DVD’s which inspire and educate focused audiences on subjects such as business, real estate, healing, yoga, exercise, and spirituality. Where Ann Randolph teaches writing and acting, she is surrounded by teachers in those other industries who make their primary income though sales of their DVD’s and books, not through student tuition and spectator ticket fees.

The Sense of Purpose DVD (SOP DVD) is a project “small” in scope, in that it is not initially aimed at television broadcast or movie theaters. The creation of their SOP DVD is being financed as all major motion pictures are financed, ie with money put up by investors.

Because it is a small, manageable budget, Ann and Ben will enjoy completing this project in Hollywood style, by paying back investors a small profit.

Though this SOP DVD can fall into the category of “training film,” it will nevertheless have major entertainment value. Filled with heart, Ann Randolph’s work is consistently authentic if not hilarious. Ben Swets, for his part, will endow this project with the same integrity and universality that characterize his previous works.

In addition to selling this DVD in theaters and on the web, the producers will seek cable TV distribution as well.

The creativity of this project must begin in its financing first. That is why you are being approached. We would like to call you one of our investors. We think that your sharing in the financing of SOP represents something you care about – inspiring others to live their dreams.

As an investor, you will receive a contract stating the amount of your participation and the amount you expect to receive in return. The rate at which we will pay you back will be 10% of the amount you invest. Provide us with $1 – receive $1.10. Provide us with $100 – receive $110 etcetera. As this project develops, you will be shown our growing list of all our supporters. When completed, you will be invited to a premier screening.

The community of support developed for a small movie is the true life of the project. Please join the team of supporters for Sense of Purpose.

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Please make checks payable to Jubilant Pictures. Mail checks to Ben Swets 2016 Oak street door B, Santa Monica CA 90405.

Investor repayment & returns will come in your US mailabox in July and August 2006. A celebratory screening will take place also in July or August 2006 after Ann's return from her tour.


These investments will all build our circle of support and make possible our inspriational documentary.
Thank you,

Ann & Ben