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Questions for a Local Business Owner

Does your local business have a web site?
Does your web site make or trigger real sales?
Does it follow up with and pre-sell prospects?
Does it follow up with clients who have already bought from you?
Are you capturing email addresses, phone numbers, and US mailing addresses of all visitors to your physical store?
Are you following up with all visitors to your physical store using a series of emails filled with useful and educational content?
Is your site capturing contact details of highly targeted prospects who visit your web site by offering a valuable report? – a report that gives useful information and pre-sells your prospects so they are more inclined to buy from you?
Are you immediately offering a free product or report to anyone who opts into your email newsletter online?
Are you creating real sales immediately online from your most targeted prospects?

Have Ben Swets bring more customers to your place of business so you can answer yes to all the above questions.

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