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I grew up making films in my back yard in Michigan.  As a child I documented my parents more than most parents document their kids. My goal at first was to incriminate them in the conflict of our household. (All movies include conflict.)   Eventually I learned that my parents were still challenged by their own childhoods. Their souls became more interesting. I got on their side.

That was more meaningful to me than meeting celebrities, making award winning documentaries, and getting featured in LIFE magazine.  My background was perfect for the documentaries on personal growth and prosperity that I expect to produce and distribute on a large scale.

One of my heroes is Harvey Mackay.  He lead a major envelope corporation in Minneapolis.  Now he spends his life interviewing people.  He writes books about the principles his life has taught him.  He uses the stories of school teachers and baseball players as well as his staff and competitors to demonstrates his principles.
Who has succeeded as you want to succeed?  Does your life demonstrate a principle? Can you see your experience as good preparation for realizing your dreams? Are you serious about taking your business to the next level?

How are you using empathy in the 21st century to build your business?  It is clear now that the Internet is a major factor in any modern business, and so is empathy.

I will be listening for your listening.  --BEN