Laura Simpson Cornell
I love my life.

Through It All (not available)
by Laura Simpson Cornell
-Chapter One- (sample)

Diabetes is my constant companion. It’s a chronic disease and can be life-threatening.  When I was four, my parents realized I was lethargic, thirsty, and frequenting the bathroom much too often.  They knew I needed to be seen by a physician. Then one day, as my mother was searching through magazines and books for answers to my problems, she came upon an article that gave the symptoms for diabetes and realized diabetes was the probable cause of my distress.

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Alas, age seven came and things were quite normal concerning the diabetes— until one memorable day. My mother went to town and took only my sister with her. This is a shameful memory, but  I need to tell the truth about the child I sometimes was. I watched tearfully as they drove down the driveway.  Then I grabbed a box of borwn sugar and ate teaspoon after teaspoon of sugar.

Believe me, the outcome was not pleasant for anyone. I do not remember anything afterward. Only years later did my mother say, “Laura, do you remember you almost died at the age of seven?”

(years after three transplantation surgeries)

There are so many dreams I had given up on. They are now coming true. My new dream is to reassure you that you should also dream and never give up! I wish I could dance for you in order for you to witness how wonderful I feel (and I do not miss a beat). The dancing could show you my energy and my lust for life. I hope that my words can give you the magic and light we all possess.
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