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From Ben Swets LocalAdLink ads for small business
web promotion for example for a small hardware store who Ben Swets

1.) wants a web ad better than yellow pages and cheaper than newspaper ads
2.) wants to be branded in Google plus other major search & social networking sites

This is not search engine optimization. This is branding. Ranking high in search engines, or SEO, is the process of adjusting the content and technology of a website to increase its traffic using link building, redirects, Splash Pages, Javascript , Flash content & navigation, session IDs, Page States, Cookies and text articles updated daily.  All of this, applied specifically to your web site, is expensive.

Those complex processes are now handled automatically with LocalAdLink. Our geographic focus is great for any local business. Elevation in search engines is a byproduct of our branding, but not crucial.

We push your ad to search engines and other web sites in multiple ways. The hardware store ad may appear on or near sites discussing nails, paint, weatherization, tools, carpentry, real estate, keys, shingles, architects, auto repair, lawn care, and numerous other relevant fields. Your ad will appear in many locations in the proximity of subjects of interest to your target audience. Viewers looking for your service or product will find it, and viewers looking for something relevant to what you offer will be exposed to your ad.

Only viewers who live near your business will be exposed to it.  The internet search engine knows the zip code where a web surfer is sitting at their computer.   Google and other sites will display highly your LocalAdLink ad for any appropriate local web surfer in the zip codes of your choice.

Merchant Customer prices as of 25 April 2009
1 month for each of the following
3 zip codes ... $69.95
10 zip codes ... $149.95
50 zip codes ... $249.95

Monthly fees will be discounted if merchant customer commits to a year, but no contract required.   Customer may quit after one month.

The LocalAdLink system is making merchants happy.  Soon after enrolling, their walk-in customers are claiming they discovered the merchant on the web.   

This is not a promise that the merchant will receive paying customers.  But the merchant will receive daily records of where his web visitors found him, such as Google, Yahoo and Myspace. Also, the merchant can count the number of viewers who have clicked his ad.  The merchant has an easy way to alter text, create coupons, and upload pictures and video.

Counting the number of viewers who bring your coupon to your store obviously is worthwhile. But would you be interested in knowing how many local web viewers clicked your coupon and printed it? If you change your coupon, would you like to know a different number of viewers printed the new coupon? You can. LocalAdLink ads can link to any existing web site.

Samples at web site www.localadlink.com  

Here is an informative videos about this system.  Please contact me, Ben Swets, not the teacher(s) in this video.

KC Coburn - how LocalAdLink keeps your business prominent in Google 2:52
but do not call KC - call Ben Swets 310-581-6772

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If your goal is to make money selling this service, you do not necessarily need to pay a fee to do so.