Insight Greeting black and white photographic greeting cards by Ben Arie Swets

Catalogue of captions.
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101gcs:    I admired you until you made a mistake. Then I loved you.   

104gcs:    Is courage lack of fear? Courage is action in spite of fear.   

105gc:    You are young as long as your regrets are outnumbered by your hopes.   

106gc:    E-mail creates community. Manifest the magic. Send me a message.   

107gc:    Telephones make love happen. Manifest the magic. Give me a call.   

108gc:    Thank you for taking care of yourself. Your example gives me a lift.   

109gc:    We believe in equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus or species.     Dr. Albert Schweitzer   

110gc:    I always wanted to be somebody.     Maybe I should have been more specific.  

114gc:    Congratulations on the marriage.     It will be good.   

115gcs:    Have courage to declare the life you will lead.     Have integrity to live the life you declare.  

116gcs:    Go outside your comfort zone.     It is less crowded out there.  

163gcs:    Thank you for your cooperation.     We got a lot done.  

117gcs:    Thank you for the movie.     You were the best person I could have shared it with.  

173gcs:    Your relationship with nature can look small     and feel magnificent.  

176gcs:    Remember who you are:   my friend.      

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120gc:    Does surrender mean losing?     Surrender means joining the winners.   

122gc:    Thank you for the acknowledgment.     I like what you said.  

123gc:    Thank you for your advice.     I am smarter because of it.  

127gc:    I may not have met you     had we been in cars.  

129gc:    Itís not you I am mad at.     Itís just that you reflect my shadow.  

138gc:    You are blessed with enough support and wisdom to transform the residue of a difficult past into knowledge and connection with others.     You could not have chosen a more interesting life than the one you have.  

139gc:    It is a nice place to live     because you live there.  

142gc:    I have good judgment because of my experience.     I got my experience because of bad judgment.  

147gc:    Living in the present is neat,     but itís not all itís cracked up to be.  

151gc:    You will be rewarded for two things:     stamina and coping.  

153gc:    We love people for their weaknesses.     We only admire them for their beauty.  

154gc:    Suffering allows us to practice resilience.     Transform adversity into purpose.  

155gc:    Congratulations on your recent trip     around the sun. Happy Birthday.  

158gc:    It is a nice place to live     because you live there.  

168gc:    Congratulations on the marriage.     It will be good.  

169gc:    Thank you for our marriage.     It is good.  

172gc:    Happy Anniversary.     May you have many more.  

174gc:    Happy Anniversary.     May we have many more.  

175gc:    Remember who you are:     my friend. Happy Hollidays  


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