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My past projects had to do with environmental concern, children and documentaries about senior citizens. .    Concern connects with money. 

Together we can create a revenue stream for projects you care about.  My photographs have been published around the world. My documentaries have been glimpsed on national TV. My stories were published in some local and national publications. Royalty checks came to me from that work. However, I have found a more powerful way to generate revenue. My present financial work is with a health and wellness business. My work now is to help others benefit from this.

My non fiction magazine articles about my favorite sport, bicycling, can be seen at my links at right. It took 15 years to complete my
LIFE magazine photo essay which was published worldwide.   When you know the right way to go about it, a far shorter time is required to create a good income for personal and public projects the community needs.

My mother and my sister deserve credit for my environmental concerns. My parents gave me the wisdom to follow what Zig Ziglar said,  "You can get anything out of life you want if you help enough people get what they want."  When I take pictures and write stories, it is to recognize people. Actors, musicians, mothers, doctors, CPA's, restaurateurs, and mortgage bankers are working in the same telecom/utility business I work in to create the financial security they need for their personal projects.  Here you may see some of  my friends.

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