Sense of Wonder
video by Ben Swets
Children's art is a window to our own views
"How does nature teach?"

sow1d3.JPG A child approaches a flower. Does he understand how its patterns are reflected in art and architecture around the world throughout history? Wonder is his tool for seeing and beholding.

How shall we maintain our care and responsibility toward nature? Has nature taught us all that it can?

In this video children's art is explored. Through it, adult audiences can see what we have assumed about our role in nature.   We all must look at life as a child does.   An attitude of wonder must be resurrected in us all.   This feeling actually determines the future state of life on our planet.

Art therapist Esther James asks children to draw their homes. Those drawings reflect a concept of "home" which is startling, in light of late 20th century societal problems faced by all of us.
sow1A1A.JPG In addition to a provocative view of an outdoor art class, this documentary explores the affect on children of a community garden in South Central Los Angeles. Children and parents have found safety there in what previously seemed a very dangerous neighborhood. sow1c2A.JPG

sow1c4.JPG sow1A2b.JPG
sow1b1A.JPG How much exposure to nature is required in order to help children understand its value? Perhaps very small access to nature can be profound, if parents understand its relevance.
This 26 minute video was produced by independent film maker Ben Swets
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