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Curriculum Vitae
twenty minute video tapes cablecast on Santa Monica City Hall cable channel:

The Best Of Everything is about an exceptionally generous 92 year old chiropractor who was killed by fire in 1985.

"Ben is a dramatic voice for the aged and his film fills a large vacuum which desperately needs our attention." -- Cecelia T. Madrid, M.D., St. Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, CA

"An extraordinary tribute to a wonderful man." -- John Robbins, author Diet For A New America
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Spirit Of The Urban Forest follows TreePeople's million tree campaign of 1984.

Living With Hope reveals the personal growth of cancer patients who found support at The Wellness Community. 1990

Tinka's Planet shows children teach grown-ups to recycle. A thousand copies were sold to schools around the country by The Video Project in Oakland, CA. 1991
"The humor, directness and use of enthusiastic kids and their ideas make this upbeat video appealing and informative to all ages." -- School Library Journal

Hardware Humanitarian documents the moral transformation of the owner of Busy Bee Hardware following his wife's death from cancer. 1992

Peace Wheels emphasizes the efficient and joyous side of bicycles as used by police. 1993

Peter's Pictures  chronicles the self discovery of the neglected wife of a famous glamour photographer, Peter Gowland. 1994
"Ben's visual style, editing surprises, and deep personal approach to this story make it an outstandingly dramatic achievement in the documentary genre." Terry Sanders, academy award winning documentary producer
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A Sense Of Wonder: How Does Nature Teach? This fresh look at our environmental crisis emphasizes the attitudes we must give our children. 1995
"...has power in its purity, elegance, and honesty. It is as futuristic as tomorrow and as ancient as our connection with the natural world." -- Michael Klaper, M.D.
Spiller's Spanners gives a warm poetic view of an 85 year old bicycle mechanic who reflects on careers in photography and audio engineering for musicians. 1996

The 90's:   four of Ben's four minute documentaries were broadcast nationally on four different episodes of this PBS series including a tree climbing accident video:   Simian Sapien
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Children of Decorah     Work in progress.  
An Iowa family strives for politcal correction.
Other Achievements photographer
Industrial Video for:

High Tree Media
Wallframe Building Materials
West Michigan Environmental Action Council

freelance still photography for: 
Pacific Bell
Lawrence Welk
Save The Whales
Kaiser Permanente HMO
Southern California Gas Co.
Hospitaler Foundation Of CA
Midcity LA Chamber Of Commerce
Buchalter Nemer Attorney Firm
Oppenheimer Brokerage Firm
stills also published in: 
LIFE Magazine
GEO Magazine
LA Weekly
Music Connection
Southwest Cycling
Peace Conversion Times
Long Beach News
Hollywood Reporter
LA Herald Examiner
LA Business Journal
Oxnard Press Courier
Compuserve Magazine
written articles published in:  
In My Shoes
Vegetarian Voice
Southwest Cycling
Country Connections
The Grand Rapids Press
Alternative Transportation News
BA in Film from San Francisco State University, 1981
Born 1958

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