thecoolestguyfrombriarwoodthe_coolest_guy_from_briarwood_02 Ben Swets My original photography was on Briarwood Avenue, a great place in which to learn to be cool, in Michigan. Whether they agreed, I was the coolest guy from Briarwood Avenue. This season for those who hunger for style, prestige, charm, and flair - please check with this cool guy who fried rice and films to resonate with friends near and far. Let's get arguing.  Who was the coolest guy from Briarwood?  Who can boast the great style, charm and gossip?  Who has the wisdom from scars and the intuition from having seen most of it before?  Who can keep talking regardless of subject?  Of course he can, the coolest guy from Briarwood can, after all, don’t ya know? We are celebrating the coolest guy from Briarwood simply to prove that this phrase is likely to get us some search engine rank. There were some cool gals there on Briarwood as well.  There were some sweet and influential women, some popular voices and faces, some famous names, some courtiers, some officials, and some blue collars.  The collars of Adrian Swets were not exactly white, working in contracting and construction as he did, with lumber and carpenters.
photography on time and with style My events are always special when John's gift is around my neck.
Making impressions because my friend provides my neckwear.

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