eBay of Ben Swets
Omega D2 enlarger
Philips enlarger
darkroom equip
Cambo SC 4x5 view camera
Vivitar zoom
slide projector lenses
Canon 200mm lens
Canon 100mm lens
Canon 50mm lens
Canon 50mm macro lens
Canon 85mm F1.8 lens + leather case
Canon 24mm lens
Canon F-1 body 230917
Canon F-1 body 146180
Norman 200b flash system pack serial 28058 head serial 14024
Norman 200b flash system pack serial 84852 head serial 29757
  Bose 321
Mary Winic
Kodak projector
7 speed 13-30 Cassette
HG50 8 Speed Cassette 13-26
chain whip
easel fixed single size 11x14
easel fixed single size 16x20
easel adjustable 11x14
easel fixed 4-up
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