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Ocher pod in vinyl mixed media 3'5"/2'9"/7'4" Pink pod in vinyl mixed media ; 3'2"/2'8"/7'9"
"pods in vinyl" group views
Lime green pod in vinyl: Mixed media 4'2"/2'8"/7'1"
"pods in vinyl" group view
Lime green pod in vinyl: Mixed media 4'2"/2'8"/7'1" Ocher pod close up
I have a passion and a genuine curiosity about the inner spiritual journey and about the mystery of creation. Throughout my life I’ve attempted to ask questions about these mysteries, and tried to stay open to what shows up as a response. Usually what presents itself to me as a “worship vehicle” is entering a creative zone in relationship to Nature in all its glory and magic. It truly has a transformational power over my psyche when I can fully open to its majesty and take it in. It brings forward my innocence and wonder.

I also just allow myself to play and create shapes that turn me on. I keep finding myself creating the female torso, the female loins; it does not matter whether it originates from the profound source of Tantric art; if it’s an expression of a self symbol or just a hedonistic obsession with Sensuality. For me the creative energy IS sensual and seductive and it is the river to travel.

As someone who is interested in the inner process, I enjoy creating shapes and environments that represent this process; giving shapes to states of mind and states of heart. Tracking the evolution of my own consciousness that way. I guess the bottom line is that I love the creative process, it’s as attractive to me as a state of Grace or a state of Loving. So I continue to practice entering it -- owning my humanity and reaching for sacredness.

Tumbleweeds as symbols of messengers from the unconscious realm

I find my country girl soul dragging tumbleweeds back with me from my trips to the desert. I bring them to my apartment in the center of this urban jungle, and I find myself collecting presents, evidence and clues from the Mother in the form of leaves and bark. They’re here to nourish and heal my spirit. It is like choosing life for me. Turning into the creative, always. That search for loving and wonder always takes me to the female form, the torso, Nature’s loins and my curiosity about sexuality/ sensuality as a gateway to creation, as an expression of Loving.

I love creating environments that help my soul sing; environments that resemble the moist uterus of the earth; environments which humbly attempt to catch the tinkerbells and the rainbows and amplify them to remind me of the magic inside and out.

I enjoy constructing pathways
Throught which one can enter
Other dimensions,
Come closer to our center
Our core
The core of our vulnerabilities
The threshold to our courage
These tumbleweeds have rolled into my life
Carrying a message in the sweet folds
Of their thorns
Relaxing into these female torso forms
And I have attempted to dress them up a bit
To enhance their personalities.

Tumbleweed #1 2' x 2'3" x 1'7"
sycamore leaves, glue, resin
Tumbleweed #3 3'5" x 3'3" x 3'
Eucalyptus bark, glue, resin
Tumbleweed #2 3'7" x 3'5" x 2'8"
palm leaves, glue, resin
Love Catcher mixed media 7'3" / 2'2" / 3'2" Love Catcher (detail) mixed media 7'3" / 2'2" / 3'2"
Peace Arch (detail) mixed media 7'3" / 4'3" / 5'
Peace Arch mixed media 7'3" / 2'2" / 3'2"
Taking Flight mixed media 7" / 5" / 7"
Taking Flight mixed media 7" / 5" / 7"
Taking Flight mixed media 7" / 5" / 7"
Goddess II -- Bronze 3½" / 1½" / 2"
Goddess I -- 3½" / 2" / 2"
Goddess II -- Bronze 3½" / 1½" / 2"
Goddess I -- 3½" / 2" / 2"
Goddess III -- (seed / pod) Bronze 3" / 1½" / 1½" Goddess I -- 3½" / 2" / 2"
Sound Stick mixed media
6'4" / 14' / 1' 2"
Intimate sculpy 5" / 7"
Broom People mixed media
5' / 10" / 10" / 10"
"Sheshell" Mixed media 5' / 4' / 2' UNITHING mixed media 3' / 34" / 10"
Back Into the Night mixed media 7' / 4' / 4' Coming Through silver plastic, lights,
cardboard 4'2" / 7'5" / 4'
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